Digital therapy for panic and agoraphobia

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Panic disorder and agoraphobia

You are suffering from panic attacks or you feel uncomfortable in crowds, confined spaces or public transportation? Then, Mindable is just right for you. Download Mindable on the App Store and start your treatment today.

CBT-treatment plan

In the app you will go through a treatment plan that is based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). The plan consists of various modules, designed to help you to reduce your anxiety in the long term.



Learn about the mechanisms of fear and panic and benefit from a lot of videos and articles



Reflect on your experiences with anxiety and panic.



Observe anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance behaviours and get to know your anxiety better.



Confront your fear of body symptoms and reduce your anxiety in the long term.

Science based

The treatment plan is based on the scientifically proven treatment guidelines manifested in the manual “Expositionsbasierte Therapie der Panikstörung mit Agoraphobie” by Lang et al. (2018).

Recommended by therapists and doctors

In Germany, the waiting times for treatment are 5 months on average. This is why therapists and doctors recommend Mindable – to help you start your treatment immediately.

Talk to your doctor or therapist and get an access code.


Certified medical device

Mindable is a CE certified medical device.

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