Mindable - App on prescription for panic disorder and agoraphobia

Mindable is science-based and free for you as an app on prescription.

DiGA & Medical Device

Mindable is a Class 1 MDD medical device and is reimbursed by health plans as an approved digital health app.

Developed by experts

Mindable was developed with the authors of the leading treatment manual for panic disorder and agoraphobia.

Secure data & DSGVO compliant

Mindable meets the highest data protection and data security standards with server location in Germany.

Treat Panic Disorder and Agoraphobiedigital with Mindable


Do you suffer from panic attacks or feel uncomfortable in crowds, confined spaces, or public transportation? Then Mindable is just what you need.

Mindable is a prescription app for the treatment of panic disorder and agoraphobia (claustrophobia). In three treatment steps, you’ll learn to understand your fears, trust your body again, and go through life independent of anxiety.

Mindable is an approved DiGA

Digital health applications – DiGA for short – are “digital helpers” in the hands of patients that have a medical benefit and contribute to structural and procedural improvements in the healthcare system. The approval of a DiGA requires a strict, legal testing procedure by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). At a minimum, manufacturers must meet the following requirements:

  • All DiGAs are Class I or IIa medical devices and therefore compliant with the stringent quality and safety requirements of the Medical Devices Act.
  • The main function of a DiGA must be based on digital technologies
  • This primary function must support the detection, monitoring, mitigation, treatment or compensation of disease, injury or disability
  • A DiGA is used independently by the patient:in or jointly by the healthcare provider and patient:in
  • The manufacturer must provide evidence of safety and functionality, privacy and data security, interoperability, and positive effects on care.

We fulfill all of these requirements. That’s why Mindable is reimbursed by all public health insurers and can be prescribed like a medicine on prescription.

Learn more about the mechanisms of action of your fears so that you can get to know and understand them better.

Through numerous exercises and animations you will be supported in getting your body used to panic symptoms.

Overcome your fear by confronting fear-inducing situations and places. Mindable accompanies you in this process.

Record anticipatory anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance behaviors and begin to better understand your anxiety.

Therapy is a process! Through weekly checkups you will recognize which stage of your journey you are currently on.

Get Mindable now free of charge from your health insurance company

Mindable is a digital health app (DiGA) and can be prescribed like a prescription drug.

Free of charge

Statutorily insured

Mindable is reimbursed by all public health insurance companies. Your doctor or psychotherapist can prescribe Mindable for you.

Alternatively, you can get a doctor’s letter (Arztbrief)with proof of your diagnosis.

We will guide you through the process.


Privately insured

Many private health insurances (PKV) also cover the costs for DiGAs. The best thing to do is to ask your health insurer directly.

If you have the okay from your health insurance company, you can initially purchase access to the app as a self-payer and then have the costs reimbursed retroactively.


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