What to do during panic attacks?


If we have a panic attack, we tend to want to fight it with all our might. We use distractions and safety behaviors. Unfortunately, this makes a panic attack last even longer than if we just let it happen. Learn in this article what you should do in case of an acute panic attack.

So what should we do in an acute panic attack?

Absolutely nothing!

As surprising as that may sound at first: Eyes open and through! Our body has the wonderful property to regulate itself again all by itself after it has gotten into an imbalance. Even if it doesn’t feel like that during an acute panic attack. We have the feeling that the panic will never end and that we have to actively do something against it. However, physiologically it is not possible for our body to remain in such a high state of arousal for very long. We simply have to learn to trust it again. Our fear actually calms down on its own.

So, do absolutely nothing, accept the fear and sit it out. The more we fight it, the longer it lasts.

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Learn here, why distractions and safety behaviors are what cause anxiety and panic to manifest long-term and what you can do about it.

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