Digital health for panic disorders in the COVID 19 crisis – more important than ever

The coronavirus confronts us ALL with new challenges. Physical distancing makes digital solutions more important than ever.

The coronavirus confronts us ALL with new challenges. Physical distancing makes digital solutions more important than ever. We are consciously using the word physical distancing instead of social distancing. Because it is important to maintain social contacts in these times. We need to be there for one another – while keeping the 1.5-meter safety distance.

Mental illnesses, especially anxiety and panic disorders, are given fertile grounds these days. The general uncertainty increases anxiety, but also panic attacks can occur more frequently – including people who never had a panic attack before (source: FAZ). This observation is supported by a statistical analysis of the hotline for psychological service in Wuhan, China. In 2144 calls made between February 4 -20, 47.3% of the callers reported anxiety and 15.7% reported panic symptoms (source: BMBF). Therefore, it is important to take early and preventive measures so that increased anxiety or panic attacks don’t turn into a disorder.

This is where the healthcare system is now being put to the test in order to provide people with the care they need. Psychotherapists and doctors are doing everything they can and we would like to make our contribution as well.

Mindable supports Mindable supports you in dealing with fear and panic during (and after) the COVID 19 crisis by enabling you to continue your treatment at home.

The Mindable app supports you in learning about the mechanisms of anxiety and panic. You will be guided through interactive exercises to help you integrate new behaviours into your daily life. Especially in uncertain times it is important to create new routines.


For whom is Mindable suitable in the current situation?

  • You are already in therapy for your panic disorder, but due to the current situation it is not possible to see your therapist.

  • The physical distancing/quarantine/self-isolation triggers anxiety and panic attacks (more frequently).

  • You suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and are (not yet) in therapy.

  • You recently had a first panic attack and are very unsettled.


More helpful resources

We have summarized an overview of helpful resources for you here:


Everyone should get the support they need at such a time. In order to make our contribution, we will put all our focus on adapting the Mindable-App to your needs. From home, of course.

You are welcome to contact us personally at any time with questions, feedback, requests, concerns or just because. Send us an email to


Take care of yourself! Greetings from the home office!

Your Mindable Team

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