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Two birds with one app

Use waiting times

On average, patients wait 5 months for treatment. This is valuable time, in which the disease only gets worse. With Mindable patients can already begin with their treatment.

Valid information instead of Dr. Google

Today, more and more people are using Google when in doubt. Unfortunately, this information is often incorrect and misleading. With Mindable you make sure that your patients receive the right information.

Recommendation increases compliance

Studies show that patients are more compliant when health applications are recommended by a clinician.

Get more time for the therapist-client relationship

The therapeutic relationship is an essential part of the therapy. Outsource psychoeducation and exercises and get more time for building the therapist-client relationship.

Reach younger patients

Increase the compliance of your patients and reach them with the media they like and use daily.

Get rid of pen and paper

Homework materials on thousands of papers. It’s frustrating. With Mindable, your patients now have everything digital, in one place, and always with them.

How it works


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Create access codes

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Pass the codes on to your patients

Write down the code and give it to your patient. Your patient will then be able to register in the app using this code.

You need material for your patients?

Then order free flyers and postcards for your patients.

Science based

The treatment plan is based on the scientifically proven treatment guidelines manifested in the manual „Expositionsbasierte Therapie der Panikstörung mit Agoraphobie“ by Lang et al. (2018).

In addition, we are currently conducting several studies at the Christoph-Dornier-Foundation for Clinical Psychology.

Conformity and certificates

Mindable is a CE certified medical device. Therefore, we are compliant with the strict quality and safety requirements of the Medical Devices Act.

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