Become independent from your fear again

Your app for panic disorder and agoraphobia, scientifically based and available free of charge on prescription.

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Learn more about the mechanisms of action of your fears so that you can get to know and understand them better.

Through numerous exercises and animations you will be supported in getting your body used to panic symptoms.

Overcome your fear by confronting fear-inducing situations and places. Mindable accompanies you in this process.

Record anticipatory anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance behaviors and begin to better understand your anxiety.

Therapy is a process! Through weekly checkups you will recognize which stage of your journey you are currently on.

Tailored to your situation

No matter what your circumstances are, Mindable adapts to your individual situation and offers you different usage options.

Mindable can be used to bridge waiting times, as well as to accompany therapy.

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We focus on quality

Medical device

Mindable is a Class I MDD medical device. This means we are compliant with the strict requirements and guidelines of the Medical Devices Act.

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Mindable was developed in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Thomas Lang and Dr. Sylvia Helbig-Lang, the authors of the leading treatment manual.

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Data protection & data security

Data security and data protection are our top priority. We treat all your data confidentially.

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How to get Mindable free of charge from your health insurance company

Mindable can be prescribed as a digital health app (DiGA), like a medication, simply on as an app on prescription.

This is how you get Mindable:


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